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Audio CD Saints: Always at Our Side

Audio CD Saints: Always at Our Side

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True Stories of the Love and Protection of the Holy Angels!

The ten edifying, fully-dramatized stories on this Audio CD present some of the most incredible historical accounts and vivid examples of the power and love of the Holy Angels.

As you read these lines, there stands beside you - an Angel. Invisible though he is, he is your most prudent guide, watchful guardian, and faithful friend. Throughout the whole world, there is not a single person who does not benefit in many ways, every day, by the care and actions of the Holy Angels. And yet, how little they are acknowledged, much less appreciated. Discover then, in this singular collection of fascinating true stories, how these unsung heroes not only exist - but live to serve us, protect us, and help us save our souls, with a loving fidelity unequaled by anyone on earth.

Listening time: 73 min.

Perfect companion to the Activity Book: Guardian Angels!

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