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About us

Dumb Ox Publications is a family-owned and operated business named for St. Thomas Aquinas, the "Dumb Ox." As a homeschooling family of ten, we chose this patron saint  of Catholic schools especially so he could guide us in our quest to make our Holy Faith clear, concise, integral, and vibrant for our children. 

We began our apostolate in 1991 by designing a calendar to help us remember to pray novenas and say a holy hour, as requested by Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary. This led to designing and producing other devotional and seasonal calendars, primarily for children. Eventually, we added to our product line quality Catholic materials and unique items to enhance family life, to enrich homeschool curricula, and to provide assistance and encouragement for living the liturgical year in our homes.

With this, our new website celebrating our 25th Anniversary, we are returning to our roots by primarily offering our hands-on devotional calendars, with a gradual addition of some of our most popular products from the past. We hope our offerings likewise assist you and give you ideas for your family's devotions and help meet your gift-giving and educational needs. 

Today, more than ever, we need to invoke St. Thomas Aquinas, the "Angel of Schools" for assistance in teaching our children the Way of Life that leads to an eternal reward. Let us embrace our Catholic heritage by renewing our commitment to offer prayers and encourage sacrifice for our Church, our families, our country, and our neighbors here and abroad.

"We call him the Dumb Ox, but his bellowing in doctrine will one day

resound throughout the world."  
St. Albert the Great
(Referring to his student, St. Thomas Aquinas)
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