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Catholic Culture: Opłatek Christmas Wafers

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Authentic, traditional, historic, Christmas wafers from Poland
for use during "Wigilia," the Christmas Eve Vigil. 
Set of 4 embossed wafers in a colorful explanatory envelope. 
          Adopt a beautiful new tradition in your family this Christmas! Before the Christmas Eve meal, gather the family around the table. The eldest member holds a large wafer and breaks off a piece to begin the ritual.  He apologizes for all the wrongs (real and imagined) which have been committed the past year and offers the Opłatki to the next family member, and so on, until it comes full circle.  
          The traditional words said during this exchange are: "I wish you much health, happiness, and good fortune, and after this an eternal crown in heaven."
Very moving! I always cry!

          The Christmas wafer symbolizes the unity of the family, the main pillar of society.   The father is seen as the link in the unbroken chain of One Body, One Bread, One Christ, and One Church, while other family members join him in this eternal procession.


  • Each wafer is embossed (pressed) with a Nativity scene.
  • Made in Poland.
  • Wafer size 3.25" x 6" 
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, water.

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