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Guard of Honor and the Holy Hour

Guard of Honor and the Holy Hour

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This large-print booklet,  with a 1925 Imprimatur, is perfect for those who attend hours of perpetual adoration. It is divided into two sections: "The Guard of Honor"  reflects a spiritual abiding near the Tabernacle. There are chapters on: Objects of the Guard of Honor, the principal object being reparation; The Value of the Guard of Honor, and other chapters, followed by the consoling “Act of Reparation.“ The second part of this booklet is “The Holy Hour." Chapters include: To Beg Mercy for Sinners, To Pray for the Dying, Jesus Foresees the Future Sufferings of the Church, and much more.

The Guard of Honor devotion to console the outraged Eucharistic Heart of Jesus has been destined particularly for our times.  Pope Leo XIII declared, “the present afflictions of the Church are greater, and the persecutions more dangerous than those of previous times. ”

64 page booklet. 

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