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zAudio CD Classics: Romeo and Juliet

zAudio CD Classics: Romeo and Juliet

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The profound beauty of Shakespeare’s most famous verse and characters come alive as you are transported through torch-lit feasting halls, dusty streets and moonlit gardens of Renaissance Italy. This masterpiece of feuding families and young love has thrilled audiences for four centuries.

  • Preface
  • Swords in the Street
  • Romeo and Benvolio
  • Count Paris' Proposal
  • Juliet
  • The Wit of Mercutio
  • Masked Dancers
  • Love in a Moonlit Garden
  • Twice Deadly Day
  • Juliet's Secret
  • The Desperate Plan
  • At the Capulet Tomb

"Weiss takes the words of literary figures and contextualizes their famous speeches with lively story...both my 7 and 11 year old daughters listened along intently." - AudioFile

Also perfect for curriculum enrichment. 

Timeline: Renaissance
Location: Italy
Values: Love 

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