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Christmas Crackers Kit

  • $19.95

Old Fashioned Christmas Crackers Kit--Makes 6

Victorian Christmas Crackers are a Yuletide favorite! There is traditionally a cracker placed next to each place at the Christmas or Epiphany table.

Easy-to-assemble crackers are a fun family activity! In addition to the included Catholic trinkets, add your own surprises to personalize them for your guests. When the crackers are pulled --with a bang!--a colorful party hat, small gifts and a festive joke falls out! The party hats look like crowns, and symbolize those worn by the Three Kings. 

Crackers were first made in 1845 by a London sweet maker called Tom Smith. He wanted to copy the new French "bon bon" sweets, but also include a prize and a silly riddle. One night, while Tom was sitting in front of his log fire, he became very interested by the sparks and cracks coming from it. He thought what a fun idea it would be if his sweets and toys could be opened with a Crack! when their fancy wrappers were pulled in half. And thus the Christmas Cracker was invented!

Each kit contains materials for 6 complete crackers. Included trinkets will vary. The use of a glue gun is recommended. 

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