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zAudio CD Classics: Tales from Cultures Far and Near

zAudio CD Classics: Tales from Cultures Far and Near

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Classics of many lands— wisdom from China and Japan, an African romance, wildly funny Native American, Arabian and Spanish tales— show that the human beings who tell them all are related. Snippets from these tales are the most quoted of all the Jim Weiss recordings in our family. So fun!

    A Guest Who Ran (Native American)
    Two Monks (Japan)
    The Three Friends of Manuel (Spain)
    Courting the Wind (West Africa)
    The Secret Weapon (China)
    Djuha: Two Stories (Arabic)
” …most folktales spin a running tale of human foibles…these stories are not an exception…use it as part of cultural geography lessons.” — Eclectic Home School

“The choice of stories is superb, and Weiss brings them alive with the rich energy he brings to his telling.” — AudioFile
Timeline: 1000
Location: Egypt, Medieval Japan, Native American, Renaissance Spain, and Senegal
Values: Assertiveness, Confidence, Consideration, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Determination, Enthusiasm, Excellence, Friendship, Generosity, Helpfulness, Justice, Kindness, Love, Loyalty and Faithfulness, Patience and Perseverance, Peacefulness, Service, Steadfastness, Tolerance, and Unity


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