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Advent Wheel

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This cut-and-color faith art activity introduces special saints of Advent.

The saints featured in this Advent Wheel art project all have some symbolic link to “light,” connecting them to Christ, the “Light of the World.”  Similarly, the candles of the Advent wreath symbolize the light of God coming into the world through the birth of Jesus Christ. 

When this simple project is assembled, the saints will come to the Christmas crib one-by-one and, with Our Lady and St. Joseph, they will watch and wait for our Savior’s birth. 

Includes a brief description of each saint.

Perfect for gift-giving! 

The featured cover illumination shows St. Catherine of Alexandria and her symbol, the wheel. While not a saint of Advent proper, St. Catherine’s feast on November 25 heralds the season of Advent. Her wheel serves to remind us of the cycle of the liturgical year and the sacrifices that Christians must embrace. And just like the Advent wreath, a circle without beginning and end, the wheel symbolizes God’s endless love and mercy which leads to eternal life.  


The “Wheel” series by Dumb Ox Publications introduces the saints and symbols of the liturgical year through cut-and-color faith activities.

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