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Catholic Child's Advent Calendar

  • $3.95

This traditionally-styled Advent calendar presents a spiritual exercise for children that teaches them to meditate and to offer up their daily actions. Children use the daily thoughts and prayers to build a spiritual crib in their hearts to welcome the Baby Jesus.   

  • Traditionally-styled Advent Calendar has windows to open each day of December
  • Windows surround a large illustration of the Nativity to color
  • Daily prayers include the "Do-it-Yourself" Christmas Crib (to build a spiritual crib in your heart)
  • Symbols (to color) of the steps in the “Do-it-Yourself Crib” devotion
  • Full text of the prayer for the St. Andrew Novena
  • Also includes a short history of Advent calendars and full instructions

Many families use this calendar along with the Family Advent Calendar for enhancing their daily prayers and devotions.

Use it to put Christ into your Christmas in a real, living way!

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