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Saints & Classics CDs & Comics

Going on vacation or just needing a lift for your "staycation?"  All the titles in this collection are highly recommended and are perfect for the car or quiet times at home.

The award-winning, classic literary tales introduced by master storyteller Jim Weiss encourage and motivate listeners to read the originals after getting a "teaser taste" of the stories. He presents them with humor and sensitivity to the age of his audience. Captivating!

The lives of the saints and other religious tales revive the best of the radio dramas of yesteryear. The unique combination of voice actors with music and sound effects brings the glory and heroic virtues of various saints to life for modern-day listeners. Inspiring, orthodox and engrossing!

My children were all voracious readers, but we found a "comic book" format to be PERFECT for shorter car trips or while waiting at appointments, etc., and piqued their interest to read longer biographies and full-length classic novels. (This format was also a life-saver for one of my children who got car sick if he read regular books--we lived in the country and were in the car a lot!)