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Comic: Treasure Chest of Fun and Facts Volume 2

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Step back in time to enjoy one of the first Catholic comic book magazines ever created!

Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact was launched in 1946 in an effort to counteract “objectionable” comics that were popular at the time. The creator did not simply want to “preach” the Gospel, but provide an entertaining alternative that anyone could pick-up and enjoy. The art work and illustrations are superior. The content has great variety and lasting interest. Activity projects, such as “things-to-make-and-do,” are included. 

The Volume 2 Collection--196 pages!-- contains issues that were originally released between September - November 1946.

Here are a few of the stories and features inside the second volume:

  • Saint Stories - Learn about  St. Ethelbert of Kent, St. Matthew, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Charles Borromeo.
  • American History - Dive deeper into the history of American football and learn about Lou Gehrig and Benjamin Franklin and the founding of Illinois and Indiana.
  • Chuck White is Back - Those who read the exciting story of Chuck White in the previous collection of Treasure Chest will be glad to know that he is back again in this volume. 
  • Science - In this collection you will frequently meet Professor Up and Doctor Atom, two amusing scientists who will take you into their laboratory for a series of experiments and science tricks. 
  • Puzzles, Things to Make - Each issue of Treasure Chest has a page of puzzles of various kinds. There are also occasional picture stories on how to make things.

Highly recommended!

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