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A Saint Nicholas Activity Mural

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The Life, Legends, and Miracles of Saint Nicholas                         

With this cut-and-color mural activity art project, your children learn about the life, legends, and miracles of Saint Nicholas with short stories explaining each of the eighteen mural illustrations. 

The form of the mural is patterned after a special type of icon that features a larger central image of Saint Nicholas surrounded by smaller depictions of incidents from the saint’s life. The completed mural is quite impressive!


  • Large mural background 18” x 24”
  • Cut-and-color illustrations of events in the life of St. Nicholas
  • 16-page Companion booklet containing stories and background for each picture in the mural.

The beloved 5th century saint, St. Nicholas of Bari, has always been invoked for his intercession in a variety of situations. In fact, over one hundred diverse groups of people claim the wonder-worker as their special patron! The saint’s patronage began during his lifetime when he was responsible for numerous charitable deeds, certain unexplained events, and outright undeniable miracles. St. Nicholas’ universal role as God’s helper continues to this day, especially for children at Christmastime.

Wonderful for classroom, church, or co-op group activities!

Introduce your children to the Real Santa Claus,                        

 the Patron Saint of Children!

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