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A Via Lucis Pathway

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“Via Lucis” means Way of Light. Just as the Way of the Cross, or “Via Crucis,” follows Our Lord through His Passion, the Way of Light follows Our Lord through His glorious appearances after the Resurrection from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.

The Via Lucis devotion was practiced by pious early Christians to complement their spiritual journey along Our Savior’s path of suffering. Their sorrow was transformed into joy by following in the footsteps and remembering the appearances of the Risen Christ to His friends during the days after Easter. 

There are many accounts of Our Lord’s activities during the days from Easter to Pentecost. In this activity, we have included the fourteen appearances and corresponding events described in the Gospel accounts and Acts of the Apostles that are generally considered to be the “Stations of the Resurrection."


     •a large pathway poster

     •fourteen "stations" scenes to color and affix to the poster

     •booklet of prayers, including the Novena for Pentecost

     •butterfly stickers to mark the days of the novena. 

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