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Catholic Categories Game

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Learn more about the Faith each time you play!

This popular "parlor-type" game published by us at Dumb Ox has you or your team trying to fill in your grid of categories--dealing with Catholic subjects--before time runs out.

Across the top of the grid are listed broad categories such as Hymns, Objects at Mass, the Holy Land, etc. (45 in all), and down the side of the grid is listed a 4-, 5-, or 6-letter word, such as rite, grace, or chrism (45 choices of each). You fill in the grid by naming category examples whose first letter begins with each of the letters of your chosen word. For example, if the 4-letter word is ALMS and your category is SAINTS, you could fill in the grid with: Alexander, Louis, Michael, Stephen.

Categories and words are randomly determined by drawing pre-printed cards. Each card has a complete definition of the word and could also be used separately as Catholic topic "flashcards." Examples and acceptable answers are given for each of the categories.

  • Fun and educational for the whole family.
  • Perfect for adults and children to play together--easily adapts to all skill levels.
  • Any number can play--individually or in teams.
  • Includes directions for a "travel" version.
  • Boxed.

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