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zAudio CD Classics: Reluctant Dragon

zAudio CD Classics: Reluctant Dragon

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Can a brave knight, a misunderstood dragon, and a clever boy find a way to win a fight without actually fighting? Enjoy Jim Weiss’ new unabridged audio performance of this beloved story by Kenneth Grahame (author of The Wind in the Willows) that includes a brand-new song, “The Waltz of the Dragon.”

Everyone is in a panic--a dragon has been discovered in a cave near town! The people call for that famous dragon-slaying knight, Saint George, to defeat the monstrous beast. But when one smart little boy actually meets the dragon, he finds a harmless, friendly creature who would rather write poems than burn villages. Can the boy find a way to make peace before the knight and the dragon have to fight?

Find out in this gentle, humorous classic, so expertly and beautifully read by master storyteller, Jim Weiss.

Timeline: Medieval
Location: England
Values: Assertiveness, Caring / Compassion, Consideration, Cooperation and Teamwork, Courtesy, Creativity, Determination, Generosity, Gentleness, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty and Faithfulness, Patience and Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, and Trust

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